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Sports Clubs Services

Gang, Rotary & Triple Mowing

Mowing can be scheduled twice weekly, weekly, every 10 days or fortnightly.

Sports fields grounds maintenance Northamptonshire


Summer fertiliser feeds the leaf of the grass and improves its appearance – Winter fertiliser feeds the roots of grass and improves strength and durability

Sports Fields Fertilization Northamptonshire

Weed Spraying

Selective weed spraying removes weeds in a grass sward – Total weed spraying kills all grass and weeds on hard areas, so that they can then be treated effectively.

Sports Pitch Maintenance Weed Killing


Verti-Draining relieves compaction in grass areas down to 300mm. It can be used to create holes, which can be dressed with other material i.e. sand,  to improve the soil structure  – It’s best carried out at the beginning of the winter and at intervals throughout the winter if possible.

Verti-Draining for Sport Fields Northamptonshire


Drilled seeding can radically improve the reliability of overseeding.


We spend much of our time opening up the ground because it is beneficial. However, rolling is available but should only be used in exceptional circumstances, such as flattening verges, and then only in conjunction with aerating.

School Grounds Sports Field Maintenance


Aerating consists of slitting the turf to allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots of the grass sward.

Aeration for Sports Fields

Sports Marking

The setting out and remarking of summer and winter sports using traditional contact markers or modern spray systems such as GPS marking using satellite technology

Sports Fields Marking, Northamptonshire

Sports marking using the latest GPS technology, the white box picks up satellite signals and controls the marking without any lines being laid. Below shows the before and after of a tennis court. 

Marking for Sports Fields, Northamptonshire.

Tennis Court Grounds Maintenance, Northampton.

Cricket Squares

R&G Grounds provides Spring & Autumn maintenance of cricket squares.

Cricket Club Grounds Maintenance Services, Northamptonshire

Goal Sockets & Safety Nets

Installation of goalpost sockets as well as the 6m Safety Netting.

Football Pitch Maintenance, Northamptonshire Goal Socket Fitting Services, Northamptonshire.

Sports Pitch Maintenance  

Sports fields can be renovated and maintained to a good standard by the introduction of a sports pitch maintenance regime, which involves a combination of Compaction Relief, Aerating, Overseeding and Feeding.

Sports Pitch Maintenance

Goal Mouth Restoration 

Sports Clubs Ground Maintenance Northamptonshire


Primary and secondary drainage systems can be installed to improve drainage – isolated wet areas can be improved using soakaways.

Drainage for Sports Fields

Specialist Turf Treatment & Advice

We are highly experienced and skilled in turf management and can use our specialist machinery to recover areas of poor ground and raise the standard to the level you require.  We will advise you on the process and prepare a schedule of maintenance, free and without obligation.

What People Say

“The Old Northamptonians Association have been delighted with the work provided by R&G  who have maintained our multi sports grounds of 16 acres over the past two years. They have worked very hard with us to maintain our grounds in superb condition with an affordable budget.

They take enormous pride in their work and manage the extensive usage of the site very effectively utilising an array of modern machinery. This includes the challenge of converting the grounds from winter to summer sports provision and vice versa annually. We have regular contact and meetings with them and communication is a strength of their organisation We would have no hesitation in recommending R&G as an excellent contractor.”