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Services Overview

Cricket – Spring & Autumn Prep

We are available to carry out spring and autumn preparation on cricket squares, including the operations of scarifying, over-seeding, feeding and aerating.

Grass Cutting

All types of grass cutting are available on any frequency.

Hedge Trimming – Laying & Reduction

One-off requirement or part of a schedule, we maintain all hedges to the specified height. We also lay hedges if required.

Shrub beds – Planting & Maintenance

Shrub beds will tell people how much you care about your premises – they can be simple and effective or colourful and exciting, depending on the role they need to play. Whatever the role, they need to be tidy and safe.

Fencing & Gates

Many types of fencing are available – some examples are shown below:

Close Boarded Fence

Ranch Fence Single Rail Fence


Weed Control – Total & Selective

Total control involves the spraying of mainly Glysophate to kill the leaves and roots of all grasses and weeds. Selective spraying targets weeds in grass areas such as sports pitches and lawns.

Operator Hand-Spraying

Boom Spraying


Fertilizing is the feeding of grass areas – in the summer mainly to enhance the appearance and density of grass and in the winter to feed the roots and strengthen the grass.

Verti-draining & Spiking

Verti-draining relieves compaction in the ground, while Spiking allows air and water to get to the roots.




Overseeding fills the gaps in the grass sward as well as providing the opportunity to add cultivars, which enhance durability.

Sports Marking

The setting out and remarking of summer and winter sports using traditional contact markers or modern spray systems.  Soon to come is GPS marking using satellite technology.

Sports marking using the latest GPS technology, the white box picks up satellite signals and controls the marking without any lines being laid. Below shows the before and after of a tennis court. 

Tree Work

We have a tree unit who are dedicated and specialists in felling, lopping boughs, raising crowns, re-shaping and pollarding.

Goal Sockets & Safety Nets

Installation of goalpost sockets as well as 6m Safety Netting behind goals.

Sports Pitch Maintenance  

Sports Pitches can be renovated and maintained to a good standard by the introduction of a maintenance regime, which involves a combination of Compaction Relief, Aerating, Overseeding and Feeding.

Goal Mouth Restoration 

Litter Picking

Can be arranged on a schedule basis.

Play Area Inspections

We will act on annual ROSPA reports and carry out additional inspection if required.

Autumn & Winter Work

Leaves will kill grass if left in deep accumulations for too long – we offer leaf collection at any frequency.

Winter Gritting  and snow clearing services can be made available – please discuss your requirements early.

Hard Landscaping

Our landscaping section offer a variety of services, including complete renovation of garden areas and a range of paving types.

Insurance Certificates

Our staff are DBS certified and carry out NPPV1 police vetting upon employment. If you require DBS information, any insurance documents, training certificates or photo ID, please do not hesitate to ask. We can send the relevant information by email.

Trusted Partners

We believe in working hard for our customers, providing great service at the price. This is why so many of our customers have stayed with us for years and keep coming back.

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