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R&G specialise in the preparation of digital maps for parish council grounds maintenance.  Digital maps enable councils to record details of parish maintenance areas and assets in a form which can easily be re-produced.  Any elected councillor is eligible to apply to become a member of the Government’s Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA). Once a member they are then permitted to license contractors to use maps to work on their behalf. Many councils have signed up already and are using the facility.

R&G takes this process one step forward and will prepare maps with quantities,  free of charge, in exchange for the opportunity to price parish council grounds maintenance work. A typical map will include grass cutting areas, hedges, shrub beds and many other functions. We have extensive experience in the various functions involved with parish maintenance and will draft a specimen priced schedule to go with the map.

If your council is interested then all you need to do is to make an enquiry to R&G using the Contact Form and we will start the ball rolling. We will need a Contractors Agreement to use the parish map but R&G will acquire it for you if necessary.

If you would like to know more about the process and what it can do for you we can explain it further.  We can also put you in touch with a parish currently operating the system.

Digital Mapping for Parish Council Grounds Maintenance

Digital Mapping has been introduced to enable the business to assess and measure sites accurately and communicate information back to clients. Priced parish council grounds maintenance schedules are drawn up from the maps to suit individual sites. The itemised schedules are flexible, enabling clients to make adjustments to suit their particular requirements and match their budgets. Prices for all work are based on tendered rates to ensure the business remains competitive.

Parish Council grounds maintenance work, Northamptonshire
Parish council grounds maintenance
Grounds Maintenance Service for Parish Councils in Northamptonshire.

What People Say

“Our experience with R&G Landscaping team over the past 4 years has been professional, accommodating and personable. They are efficient throughout the term of the contract and we also feel that working together is a successful partnership.

We are particularly impressed by the regularity and thoroughness of supervision of all aspects of the contract and their attention to detail.

Every team of workers who have worked within the Parish are hard-working, polite and courteous. R&G have given us professional suggestions along the way on how to improve the outcome of our projects and this information has been valuable and appreciated. All project costs have been fair and reasonable and each step has been completed to the highest standard.

We have no hesitation in recommending R&G landscapes to others”


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